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NEC Partner Support Program Overview

The NEC Partner Support strategy includes remote and onsite technical support, hardware replacement for covered assets, access to software upgrades plus administrator and end-user training. Pricing is based on the NEC assets covered with terms options of 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr. Also, options to include NEC phones are available.

Technical Support

Technical support engineers are ready to troubleshoot the most complex technical issues that are NEC related with a 2hr response time to emergencies and regular support issues to be scheduled as needed. These experienced and highly trained technicians are eager to help whether you’re dealing with a mission-critical problem or simply want to check product configuration. Technicians will access your system remote or onsite to troubleshoot, repair or configure issues that may arise. All issues to your NEC will be covered with the exception of MOVES, ADDS or CHANGES. Moves, adds or changes will be handled on a time and material bases.

Software Upgrades

Software upgrades keep your company on the leading edge of technology. When new software is released, the detailed notes explaining the new features help you decide the best time to do the upgrade. Labor is included with software updates during normal business hours and on a time and material basis outside of normal business hours.

Remote Service Programming

In most cases, an NEC trained professional can remotely login to your system and handle most programming tasks without the need for an on-site visit.

Data Back-Up

A secure copy of the most current NEC database is stored on a Hooper server. Ensuring a complete data backup that’s readily available in case of catastrophic failure.

Hardware Replacement

An NEC field technician will troubleshoot failed hardware and arrange to have the covered assets replaced next business day.

Administrator and End User Training

Live Web-based training or onsite sessions make it easy for your staff and system users to learn how to use the many features in your NEC Unified Communications system. (During normal business hours)

NEC Discount

Keeping your NEC support in effect has its benefits. Receive a 10% discount on new NEC branded hardware and software. (Not to be used with other discounts or promotions.)

NEC System Monitoring

Customers’ wanting to have 24x7x365 service on their NEC system, Hooper Communications offers to monitor at no additional charge. This includes hardware failure notification, dial-tone failure, and other malfunctions. (Must have access to NEC system)

30-Day Trial for NEC Advanced Applications Including Implementation

Try before you buy by taking advantage of this support benefit. NEC offers a portfolio of software applications that deliver on the promise of unified communications (UC) by increasing return on investment of both the NEC UC system and a customer’s existing business applications. By tying organizational communications into core business processes, these innovative solutions help to increase employee productivity, shorten response times, encourage collaboration, and improve customer satisfaction. The result is a more efficient and profitable enterprise.

Quarterly Maintenance

Hooper Communications has enhanced its support offerings with scheduled appointments to address those periodic maintenance duties to check all systems, applications and system errors. At no additional charge, up to (2) on-site visits and (2) remote sessions per year will be scheduled to keep your NEC running optimally.


To learn more about our NEC Partner Support Progam and evaluate the options available to you, please contact Hooper Communications at (713) 983-2121

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