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Hooper Communications offers system training in order to ensure immediate and long term customer satisfaction. The following format was designed as a result of thousands of successful training sessions. This program includes a preinstallation training, post-installation training and ongoing training for the life of the system while under the care of Hooper Communications.


Before the installation of the new system, a class will be given to all key personnel with 5 – 20 people attending each session. This portion of the training is critical because it covers all the basic operations of the system and brings to light any needed changes to the system design. Such classes will be held at either the customer’s location or at the Hooper Communications conference facility. This training utilizes the customer’s new system which will be fully programmed and functional.


The morning following the installation a trainer will be on-site assisting the receptionist for as long as required. This trainer will be available to the receptionist exclusively until she/he understands how to completely utilize the console.

That same morning additional trainers will be on-site to provide group and individual sessions. Because this training time is designed to cover the basic operations of the new system Hooper Communications will cover all of the steps of how to: Transfer a call. Place a call. Page, Conference a call, and use Voice Mail (if applicable). This will enable all station users the ability to properly use the system with confidence and not be overwhelmed with too many features.


Approximately 10 days later, group and individual training will be provided, as well as a question and answer session At this time, the manufacturer user guides will be distributed to all station users, and advanced training will begin. The question and answer session is designed to address any new ideas that may improve the overall performance of the new system.

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