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Hooper Communications is a leading provider of On-Premise VOIP phone systems for businesses of all sizes. As an NEC Diamond Partner, Hooper Communications puts its years of experience to work for you in delivering an on-site multi-line business phone system that uses the latest unified communication (UC) technology from industry leader NEC Corporation.

Furthermore, Hooper Communications has a team of business telecommunication experts standing by to provide the highest level of support and service that are dedicated to making sure your experience is trouble-free long after any business phone system is installed.

What is an On-Premise Business Phone System?

On-Premise phone system are commonly referred to as a PBX phone system or just simply a business phone system.DT500 & DT900 Phones

Up until the past few years, premises-based solution were the only choice available to a company that was looking to install a multi-line business phone system. Whether you were a small business looking for a phone system or a large corporation looking for a 100+ employee telecommunications solutions, on-premise systems were the only choice.

An on-premise phone system is the type of system where a company either owns or leases the physical equipment that manages the phone service and communication devices. On-premise systems can be either VoIP or digital, but in today’s market, by far, the most popular choice is VOIP (Voice Over IP). Most business owners fall in love with the flexibility, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness that a VOIP Business Phone System offers.

With on-premise business VoIP, you receive dial tone from a traditional telephone company, cable provider, or SIP trunk provider. The dial tone comes directly into your physical location and connects into the on-premise phone system. With this type of telecommunications system, the business will have the phone system server and equipment installed on -site physically at the business location. All of the communication devices in the organization connect to the server, which is usually housed in a server room or communications closet.

Once installed, Hooper Communications offers various levels of service agreements to maintain the communications server software and hardware on an ongoing basis to make sure that your phone system is always operating at it’s best 24 x 7.

Is an On-Premise Based Business Telephone System Right For You?

There are many choices for businesses to consider when it comes to picking the right phone system. There is no one size fits all solutions available to all companies.

When trying to determine the right solution, each business must look at many variables, including but not limited to:

  • Budget
  • Number of users
  • Physical Space
  • Wiring
  • Support Options

Hooper Communications has the experience and know how to walk you through the process of determining what system will be perfect for your organization’s specific needs.

To speak with a business phone system expert and evaluate the options available to you, please contact Hooper Communications at (713) 983-2121

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