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Hooper Communications has created strategic partnerships with several of the top business telephone and internet carriers. Our years of experience in telecommunications and Information Technologies allows us to quickly produce a needs assessment of your organization and determine, which carrier offers the most cost-effective and feature-rich service to match your business’s specific requirements.

In addition to selecting the right telephone and network equipment solutions to run your business, Hooper Communications is an all-inclusive business partner that delivers full communication and IT solutions and support.

Our team is with you every step of the way through the process of selecting the right carrier network, from identifying the best options and negotiating contracts through the implementation and support of the carrier service. Hooper Communications is more than just an IT partner; we work hard on your behalf to contribute to the success of your organization.

We have relationships with all major telecom and network carriers to offer best in class communications solutions. In many instances, we pair a cloud or hosted VoIP phone system with one of these top carrier services to save your organization the greatest amount off of your monthly billing. Hooper Communications takes the responsibility off of your in-house IT team by taking the time to learn your organization’s goals and challenges and working with you to determine the best solution for business phone and internet services so that they don’t have to.

What is A Network Carrier Service?

A carrier network is the proprietary network infrastructure owned by a telecommunications service provider such as Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint. Telecommunication carrier services are authorized by state and federal regulatory agencies to administer telecommunications systems. Carrier networks are composed of extensive, complex arrangements of system hardware, networked to deliver communications services to organizations dispersed over vast geographic distances.

Particular devices that communicate on carrier networks can include telephony equipment, CATV (community access television) receivers, satellite television receivers, mobile computing devices, personal computers, and several industry-specific devices such as medical and surveillance equipment.

Network carriers deliver large volumes of network data over significant distances. The backbone of a carrier service is the long distance co-conveying medium is often referred to as the “backbone” of their network. Most backbones are built on a fiber optics network, while sometimes portions of a network still utilize traditional copper wire. Internet network service to a business location can be delivered through fiber optics, although cable, wireless, and satellite network methods are very common. In some rural areas, end users often still rely on “old school” twisted pair telephone lines for their Internet network access.

How Can Hooper Communications Assist?

In many situations, Hooper Communications can help you get out of your existing contract or help you replace a current carrier service as your contract comes up for renewal (most contractual arrangements with a carrier services are 3-year terms). We can assist you in providing the cancelation request before your contract auto-renews and provision the simultaneous cut over to your new network.

Often Hooper Communications clients find that they can save as much as 40% off their previous monthly billing and receive an upgrade in features and speed by switching to a new carrier service that is better paired up for their organization’s needs.

To find out if your company can leverage Hooper’s 36 years of experience and find solutions that offer more and costs less, please contact the Hooper Communications Sales Department at (713) 983-2121

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