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Business Cloud Phone System

A growing trend in the business world today is to leverage the use of “The Cloud” to cost-effectively replace traditional IT infrastructure. Cloud services are often less expensive, off-site, and scalable solutions that leverage the ability of high-speed internet to allow remote services to act as if they were in-house without the costly expense of locally owned hardware.

Business On-Premise Phone System

On-Premise phone systems are commonly referred to as a PBX phone system or just simply a business phone system.  This is a type of phone system where all of the equipment necessary to run the phones is physically stored on-site at the place where the telephones are being used.

Network Cabling

Hooper Communications is a leading network cable installer in the Houston, Texas area. We offer Houston and surrounding areas businesses a one-source solution for all your data cabling needs. Our expert and experienced installers have the necessary skills to help you with the design and installation of your Data, Voice, and Audio/Video wiring & network cabling.

IT Services

Many of our customers have asked if we can provide IT support/service to go along with the great phone system support we have at Hooper. We are pleased to announce the answer is “Yes” for our customers that don’t have an IT person on staff, or for those that aren’t satisfied with the level of expertise they are currently getting from their IT contractor.

Carrier Services

Hooper Communications has created strategic partnerships with several of the top business telephone and internet carriers. Our years of experience in telecommunications and Information Technologies allows us to quickly produce a needs assessment of your organization and determine, which carrier offers the most cost-effective and feature-rich service to match your business’s specific requirements.

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