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NEC Business Desktop Telephone Sets

Taking Business Communications to the Next Level

With the speed of business today, the importance of the desktop phone has never been greater. Today’s employee requires an accessible communication tool at any location in order to be as efficient and productive as possible. But, many businesses and employees have not taken advantage of the enhanced capabilities offered by today’s next-generation phones. NEC’s UNIVERGE Desktop IP and Digital Terminals are the answer.

The NEC UNIVERGE family of IP and digital terminals moves the standard desktop phone to the next level through its large feature set and modular design, and are built to the highest environmental standards. By delivering a wide range of customizable features, this terminal can help meet the communications needs and “green” initiatives of any workplace. And thanks to its modular design, businesses have the option to quickly and easily customize the terminals to meet employees’ specific communications needs. Because these terminals support a wide range of applications, the Desktop IP and Digital Terminals can also help improve overall employee efficiency and productivity.


Freedom of Choice

UNIVERGE Terminals give you the freedom to tailor your platform and telephony applications to meet your business’s evolving needs. Whether your business is just getting started or is already rapidly growing, NEC provides the right solutions.

UNIVERGE Terminals provide:

* Scalability and customization through modularity
* Investment protection
* Both VoIP and traditional voice support
* XML open interface support
* Advanced applications to improve staff productivity & efficiency
* Intuitive interfaces

Personalized Terminals to Meet Your Specific Requirements

NEC’s innovative terminal design is intended to deliver maximum deployment flexibility. Modularity allows for multiple combinations to fit any business niche or personalization requirement. From the front desk, to the conference room, to knowledge workers who spend all day on the phone, to remote workers, to executives, NEC offers options for all your business needs. These options include:

* Add-on line key modules
* Customizable faceplates or a choice of integrated LCDs
* A selection of keypads
* Wired or wireless handsets
* A Bluetooth® interface for peripheral equipment
* Custom color accent panels
* Custom function keys
* Options for the visually impaired such as audio key action feedback and large character display

Modify & Customize Terminals to Match Your Growing Business Needs

As your business expands, so do your communication needs. Your terminals should be able to grow with your business. And, with NEC’s next generation terminals, you will have the capability to increase feature functionality through applications support and personalization of the phone. There is no need to replace the entire terminal if you need new features. Instead, your initial investment is protected, and the terminal can be upgraded at minimal cost.

Choice of Either IP or Digital Terminals

Whether your business communications are pure IP or any combination of IP and traditional circuit-switched technology, NEC provides a full line of terminals that will meet your needs. The user interface and the terminal functionality remain the same for IP or digital versions. So, employees can easily transition between models and will not need training to use a new system.

XML Open Interface Support on IP Terminals

XML open interface support enables developers to create displayable and accessible applications via NEC’s IP terminals. This feature provides you the ability to tailor applications specifically for your business.

The XML interface provides the user a way to integrate additional productivity tools on the desktop and improve efficiency. Applications such as calendar links, wallboard functionality, call directories and countless others can be displayed through a terminal’s LCD through the Open XML interface.

Access to Advanced Applications Increases Staff Productivity and Efficiency

Advanced applications delivered directly to the desktop terminal enable staff to work more efficiently and improve customer service. The integration of voicemail, ACD and customer information applications helps minimize operator and other overhead costs.

Users can log on to any IP terminal anywhere on the business’s NEC network. Upon logon, the user’s profile and quality of service settings are immediately available to him or her. There is no need for extra programming.

Easy-to-Use, Intuitive Interfaces

NEC’s terminal interfaces are designed to improve the overall user experience. NEC believes telephone users should not need extensive training or manuals to utilize business telephones. The NEC terminal interfaces are designed to be intuitive, allowing for effortless business communications. Global icons indicate status at a glance including notification of new voice or instant messages, missed calls, the telephone user’s current presence status, and the device’s current data protection mode.

UNIVERGE Terminals Features – Existing and Future

NEC’s UNIVERGE terminals and the full-feature set of applications that they support provide your business with the right communication tools and a premier multimedia user experience.

Personal, System and Corporate Directories

Users can quickly access directories to easily reach the people they need; no need to waste time looking up phone numbers. Each entry in the directory is searchable, and a call can be placed from the searched entry. When a call is received, the Caller-ID matches the registered phone number with the entry in the directory, and the name of the entry is displayed on the LCD.

Call History

Incoming, outgoing and missed calls are logged and are accessible to the user. Call history can be used to make call backs, and the numbers can be added to the directory.

Wideband CODEC

NEC’s UNIVERGE terminals utilize wideband CODECs for the truest possible speech reproduction. The result is crystal clear audio.

Information Protection Mode

IP terminals offer multiple levels of protection allowing users to protect personal data, corporate directories and data, and even lock the device to keep calls from being placed to ensure privacy and security on each terminal.

Customizable Ring Tones

Different ring tones can be programmed and assigned to unique telephone numbers in the telephone’s directory. When an incoming call arrives, an identifying distinctive ring tone can immediately identify who is calling. Additional ringtones can be downloaded from the web.

Bluetooth Interface

The optional Bluetooth cordless handset provides short distance mobility. Users can step away from their desks confident that no important calls will be missed. This feature keeps businesses running smoothly and enhances customer service.

The built-in Hub Adapter in the handset allows users to pair third party peripheral equipment. This option currently only available on the DT330 Digital Terminals supported by the UNIVERGE SV8100 and SV8300 Communications Servers.

Network Management and Security

Centralized management provides a single point of administration for all terminals and makes real-time access available. IP telephony security is based on “UNIVERGE VoIP Security Best Practices” and provides NAT and firewall traversal, built-in VPN client access, and security enhancement through auto configuration.

Internal Zone Paging

Users have the option of getting a message out by paging either one person or an entire group through the terminal’s speaker. It’s a quick and easy method of grabbing someone’s attention and ensuring that a message is heard immediately.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

NEC’s IP terminal software is easily upgradeable to IPv6. IPv6 eliminates the shortage of IP addresses and enhances routing and network autoconfiguration.


Tracking location status can help the entire organization stay better connected. The ability to instantly locate key personnel who are often away from their desks can significantly enhance everyone’s productivity. Users can easily set or change their status by accessing the menu.

Instant Messaging

Users can quickly exchange instant messages (IMs) with other co-workers directly from their phones. Messages are input simply by pushing digit keys – just like on a mobile phone. Frequently used messages can be pre-programmed and stored, and they are easily accessed for use when needed.

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