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UNIVERGE® Conference Bridge

Fulfilling the promise of UNIVERGE®360

The UNIVERGE SV8000 Series Multimedia Conference Bridge provides small, medium and expanding businesses a flexible, in-house conferencing solution that protects a company’s communications investments while providing PC-accessible features, networking options and excellent voice quality. This important component of NEC’s UNIVERGE®360 approach enables businesses to leverage technology to enhance collaboration, lower travel expenses and meet the needs of both employees and customers.

Cost Reduction and Investment Protection

Due to increased employee decentralization and the constant need for collaboration, owning an in-house conference system is no longer a luxury reserved for big corporations. An investment in the Multimedia Conference Bridge eliminates the ongoing cost and security risks of hosting conference calls through an outside vendor. It can also reduce the need for employee travel by providing a more cost effective means of communication.

The Multimedia Conference Bridge is deployable over traditional circuit switched technology, VoIP, or a combination of technologies. Thanks to this flexibility, businesses can invest in conference bridge technology now and be confident that their investment will be as sound in the future as today.

Performance With or Without a Network

If a network is not available for the Multimedia Conference Bridge, the user can access pre-set conferences. When these pre-set conferences occur, the Multimedia Conference Bridge uses pre-configured passwords and conference durations.

Impressive, PC-Accessible Features

The Multimedia Conference Bridge’s extensive feature set can be accessed and managed through any PC with network access and a standard web browser (See Fig. 1 and 2). Using its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), conferences can be scheduled up to one year in advance. If e-mail addresses are entered for participants, each participant is sent a conference schedule with a unique password for extra security.

At a Glance

  • Cost reduction and investment protection
  • Superb voice quality
  • Performs with or without a network
  • Impressive, PC-accessible features
  • Additional Multimedia Conference Bridge features include:
  • Conference scheduling via XML and LDAP
  • The ability to import and export contact databases and save them on a computer
  • Dynamically allocated, fully-amplified and balanced 2-16 party conferencing
  • Password protection for each conference
  • Conference password request
  • E-mail notification of pending conferences for each participant
  • A Host Required option that keeps other participants from logging into a conference before the host logs in
  • Remote conference programming with Conference Scheduler
  • A Web user interface for conference schedule management and administration
  • Programmable gain adjustment
  • DTMF detection for manual setup options


Flexible Licensing and Simple Installation

The SV8000 Series Multimedia Conference Bridge can be configured in either Simple or Advanced mode at any time. Licensing is covered by the number of ports rather than the Multimedia Conference Bridge’s configuration.

Installation is made more convenient by NEC’s packaging of the application on a compact flash card rather than CD or DVD. Simply place the card in the system’s PVA slot, and you’re ready to go!

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