NEC’s UNIVERGE DT770G Desktop Terminal allows you to provide your employees with a high-end desktop telephone with all of the UC features and functionality that are available to them through their Bluetooth-enabled
Smartphone or tablet. It eliminates the expensive cost of a high-end touch-screen telephone and enables you to gain more utilization and value from the Smartphone or tablet that your workers are currently using. Simply slide the
Smartphone or tablet of your choice onto the DT770G, push the pairing button and you are ready to go.

  • Integrates desktop telephone with Bluetooth-enabled Smartphones and tablets
    • Enables users to receive and answer calls through either their direct or cellular number
      • Provides access to existing Unified Communications (UC) applications
      • Offers users the convenience of using a regular handset while talking through either their Smartphone or tablet
      • Provides a desktop solution that is always current – alleviates obsolescence
      • Enables vertical industries to tailor applications to fit their individual needs