Migrate To A Pure IP Communications Solution At Your Own Pace

The Elite® IPK II is NEC’s versatile, scalable, single-processor business communication solution that lets you begin enjoying the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) right away even if you’re not ready to dive into a pure IP system just yet.

No other system gives you more choice than the Elite IPK II: You can deploy traditional circuit-switched technology, pure IP, or any combination of the two with this one system. While the IPK II is designed for distributed IP networking, it supports traditional analog and digital trunks for connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). You have the freedom to adopt VoIP when and where it’s need, so the technology investment you make today is protected tomorrow.

Perfect for Small and Medium-size Businesses

The IPK II is a full-featured key system that handles the communications needs of fast growing businesses and lets you cost-effectively extend IP telephony to branch offices.

Moreover, as you migrate to pure IP, much of the equipment you’ve invested in—the IPK II and your traditional circuit-switched telephone equipment (Time Division Multiplexed)—can be converted and fully utilized to run in that environment. Your investment is protected!

Now Available in Two Styles

The IPK II comes in its traditional, basic form as well as in a rack-mountable 2U Form Factor that fits a standard rack mount. The Elite IPK II 2U has a front-slot, 19″ stackable chassis that supports server, media gateway and media converter functions in a single unit. As your organization grows and you require more computing power, you can stack one or two additional 2U form factor units on top of the first; all three can be networked to work together.

Elite® IPK II Snapshot (For Both Standard IPK II & 2U Form Factor Chassis)

  • Up to 456 ports
  • Designed for small-to-medium size businesses and hotels and motels
  • Full complement of traditional key telephone system and hybrid features
  • TDM, converged or a pure IP solution
  • Stand-alone or fully featured K-CCIS network node
  • Elite, Elite 48 and Elite 192 cost-effectively migrated to the Elite IPK II
  • Comprehensive, remote access for CPU software upgrades, application firmware upgrades and remote GUI programming interface

Easy Migration Since 1998, more then 100,000 Elite 48/192 and IPK systems have been installed. You can migrate one of these systems to an IPK II very affordably. With minimal effort, your business can benefit from new applications while you expand the number of ports to as many as 456.

Functions Alone or in a Network

The Elite IPK II can function as a stand-alone system supporting both IP and traditional circuit-switched connectivity. Or, it can be networked with other Elite IPK IIs to accommodate growing business’ communication needs. The Elite IPK II is completely scalable, and its robust feature set delivers a suite of sophisticated applications that help your business function smoothly.

The Elite IPK II delivers high-powered features to very small businesses, growing businesses and medium-sized businesses. Small companies benefit from large-enterprise telephone features. For small and medium-size businesses with 8 to 256 employees, the IPK II is the telephone system you’ve been looking for.

Simple Setup, Installation and Maintenance

PCPro and WebPro allow for online HTML-based programming access using Windows®-based PC Pro or the brower-based Web Pro. By using browser software with easy-to-follow wizards, programming time is reduced, error-free and simplified. The intuitive programming interface has a familiar Windows look.

NEC performs system software upgrades to the IPK II system remotely, thus reducing the number of interruptions to your business.

Advantages of Application Integration

By building features into the system, the IPK II integration is superior, cost-effective, scalable and seamless.

InMail is a digitally linked in-switch voice mail system residing on the system’s CPU. This 2- or 4-port system provides sophisticated features including Answering Machine Emulation for call screening and Conversation Recording. The IPK II also supports voice mail systems with larger port capacity systems and Unified Messaging.

InACD (Automatic Call Distribution) distributes calls evenly among employees and provides initial and repetitive announcements that encourage callers to remain on the line. Preventing callers from hanging up helps keep your customers on the line while maximizing employee efficiency. A caller can leave a message if they choose to receive a callback from an agent. A PC-based Supervisor with Reports can be used for agent scheduling, business analysis and improved scheduling efficiency.

The NEC Hospitality Package delivers a total solution for hotels and motels. An industry-specific feature set includes wake-up calls, room status, message waiting and a Property Management System Interface (PMSI). The hospitality features complement the standard business package and deliver a total solution.

Networking Capabilities

If your businesses has branch or remote locations, you can share resources by networking IPK II resources and enjoy feature transparency between NEC Elite systems (48, 192, IPK, IPK II) or the NEAX® UNIVERGE® framework.

Productivity Tools

Cordless and wireless handsets and video softphones offer cost-effective mobility and convenience and help you return messages sooner. Employees stay in touch and are available for customers using TDM and IP systems—whichever the system administrator decides best fits their needs and the business environment (whether corporate office or home office).

The PC Attendant places a complete attendant console right on your operator’s or receptionist’s PC. With PC Attendant, you significantly improve your organization’s ability to manage calls while making your operators more productive. It helps operators work more efficiently by placing their telephone console where they’re already multitasking—on their computer.

The PC Attendant software resides on a central server. With the IPK II CTI link, up to 8 attendants share information and distribute the call load. This third-party CTI link with industry-standard TAPI-interface eliminates the need for adapters or telephones, resulting in cost-effective and rapid installations.

The PC Attendant can advise users of incoming calls via e-mail. Messages are displayed in the telephone display, and users respond using their telephone soft keys.

Employees in your organization who use Elite IPK II telephones get more done in less time with the PC Assistant. It lets them manage the operation of their telephone set on their desktop with just a few clicks of their mouse—for easy speed dialing, call management, contact lookup and seamless CRM integration.

This desktop GUI application resides on a server and does not require adapters on telephones. The application shares a central database and provides screen pops by integrating with many of the popular PIMs, including Outlook®, Act!® and Goldmine®.


  • Voice Mail – Up to 16 ports
  • Conference Bridge – Up to 16 ports fully amplified and balanced
  • Digital Stations (TDM) – Up to 224 Stations
  • IVR – Up to 8 ports
  • OPX – Up to 28 OPX Stations
  • Single Line Sets – Up to 104 Single Stations
  • BRI – Up to 112 BRI Trunks
  • Analog Trunks – Up to 112 Analog Trunks
  • DID – Up to 64 DID Trunks
  • DTI (T1 / PRI) – Up to 200 Channels
  • Tie Lines – Up to 28 Tie Line Trunks
  • Dect Wireless (Base Stations / Handsets) – Up to 16 Base Stations/ Up to 248 Handsets
  • IP Stations (Megaco) – Up to 248 Stations
  • IP Stations (SIP) – Up to 248 Stations
  • IP Trunks (SIP) – Up to 200 SIP Trunks
  • IP Trunks (H.323) – Up to 112 323 Trunks

Providing the Benefits of Pure IP (For Both Standard IPK II & 2U Form Factor)

  • Low installation costs. The IPK II provides “converged” communications data, multimedia and voice over one network. You no longer need to run two sets of wires—voice and data. One wire set does it all!
  • Cost of ownership. Now your IT department can manage your phone system, data system and enterprise platforms. Moves, adds and changes of IPK II phones are a snap. Simply plug any phone into any jack wherever you need it, and it’s ready to go!
  • As scalable as your business. Your IPK II system grows as rapidly and as much as your business grows—to take care of all your business communication needs, including mission-critical data applications.
  • Totally flexible. The IPK II can function alone or in a network.
  • Stand-alone or fully featured K-CCIS network node